Empower Focused

More than a 3 day workshop.

This is a 60-day interactive course that is not just a 3-day live intensive workshop. Your course begins 30 days before the live event, where you are stepped though course related on-line material. Easy to implement strategies that will transform the way you see business for 30 days before the live event and prepare your business to receive this information.

The 3-day intensive brings it all together – see course content below.

Your next 30 days is all about implementation. This guarantees the value from your investment. Our on line group will remain open for another month for you to ask all the questions and seek the assistance you need to implement your action plan and what you have learned.

Is Empower right for me?

An Intimate Workshop Limited To 20 Photographers

Empower Focused

21st to 23rd of October Denver, Colorado USA

Day 1 – 10am – 7pm | Day 2 – 9am – 7pm | Day 3 – 9am – 7pm

Transform The Way You Do Your Business

  • 3 Days Of The Most Valuable Photography Strategies You Will Ever Learn.
  • Connect to the real reason your clients love what you do so that you can provide them that right from the first phone call.
  • Transform both your life and their’s through discovering the moments in their lives they would love to celebrate with photographic artwork.
  • Join us and find out how you can have a thriving photography business.

Connect To Your Clients On A Deeper Level

• Discover what is really valuable to a client.
• The best ways to communicate that gives you instant results.
• Discover why your clients haven’t been valuing your photography and how you can turn that around.
• The hidden truths your clients won’t share with you.

Learn How To Turn Objections Into Opportunities

• Educating your clients requires a deep level of understanding that transforms their experience with you.
• Transform the lives of your clients using the power of communication to add value to their experience.
• Understand the elements so you maintain control over any situation.
• A must for anyone with team members.

Understand What Clients Really Need From You

• How to get your clients visualizing artwork on their walls over the phone.
• How to build instant rapport that builds trust.
• How to present your quote to your client with ease.
• Transformational foundations that will get you clients that willingly want to spend money with you.

Start Their Photographic Experience Before You Even Meet

• Build rapport and desire from the first conversation.
• Help clients experience the joy their artwork will give them before you even meet to increase their desire for product.
• Connect them to the things they love most in life to uncover more things to photograph that are meaningful to them.
• Give them time to build the excitement for their session right from the first contact.

Book More Clients On The First Call Than Ever Before

• Eliminate the fear of price – your’s and your client’s.
• Effective strategies to make the most of every lead.
• Book clients instantly over the phone.
• How to present your quote to your client with ease.

Here is What You’ll Discover”

3 Exciting days with me and other like-minded Photographers.


  • Understanding the way your clients process information
  • How you can implement the physiology – group demonstration
  • Product placement refined
  • Where to place the client
  • Where to sit in relation to your client
  • How to subliminally sell so you do not have to sell as hard
  • How to subliminally draw attention to the products you think are right for your clients
  • Gestures and language as a powerful tool
  • The three modalities explained and how they relate to photography, bookings and sales
  • Workshop time to practice speaking their language


  • Effective strategies to make the most of every lead
  • Book clients instantly over the phone
  • Identify you High Value Leads and how to prioritize them


  • What to say to add to your clients’ experience
  • What to do when the client does not answer
  • How often should you call to maintain your relationship with the client
  • Active listening techniques that make your clients feel heard


(Practice time)


  • Excited clients that want to book
  • Excited clients that want to spend money with you
  • Clients that know that they want to spend a minimum of $1,500 before you book them and take a single photo
  • How to get your clients visualizing Art Work on their walls over the phone
  • How to build instant rapport that builds trust
  • How to present your quote to your client with ease
  • Managing possible objections before they happen
  • How to book your clients
  • When do you need an in person qualification meeting, and is it right for you and the client?
  • How to conduct an in person qualification meeting
  • Agreement statements and why they are important
  • Defining your clients ideal product
  • The excitement call mind map
  • The excitement call checklist
  • Controlling your booking times to run an efficient business
  • When is the best time to call
  • Role play the important elements to perfect the techniques
  • Positioning statements and why they are important
  • When is the best time to introduce them in this strategy

This Day is made up of practical, fun exercises that will help you put into practice what you have been learning so that you leave knowing how to put the skills into action. These will include transformational group exercises to build your confidence when booking clients and will help you create high quality, qualified clients who truly value what you do.

Your Ticket To Empower Focused Workshop Includes:

Small Group = Personal Attention

Each workshop is unique because of the people who attend. We keep the groups small so that you leave with personalized information for your business. This is so valuable to you and so important to us.

Worksheets & Handouts

Creating your studio manual has never been so easy. Steve has systematized the experience and built custom workflows for you to take back and follow when you are home. Helpful for staff or just for you to remember the steps.

Practical, Proven Information

Each workshop is unique because of the people who attend. We keep the groups small so that you leave with personalized information for your business. This is so valuable to you and so important to us.

Life Long Friends

Working on your own most of the year means that you need time to bond with other photographers in the same situation as you. During the workshop you will build strong friendships with the other attendees as you have fun learning.

Success Stories

More Photographers Turning Passion Into Profit. Don’t just take it from us, let our members do the talking!

Secure Your Spot At Empower Focused Workshop

So if all of this sounds like you, and you would like to be considered for the next upcoming workshop to join the ranks of some of the top photography businesses. We are looking for people who will get heaps of value and growth from this workshop, so if after reading your application we think this might be what you need, my senior advisor Kelly will jump on the phone with you to discuss.

On the phone we’ll discover whether you qualify and if this workshop is indeed what you need given where you’re currently at in your business, plus we’ll answer any questions that you may have and discuss the various options available for joining this elite group of photographic entrepreneurs at this workshop. And if not, no hard feelings either way. We’ll shake virtual hands and part ways, friends.

Please note that spaces are very limited and completing an applichttps://www.stevesaporitoeducation.com/admin/#ation is no guarantee of acceptance. Complete the form to take the next step now, and let’s see if this is what you need to grow your business 1,000% faster.

We look forward to talking to you soon.

Amazing Experience!! Each workshop I’ve attended paid itself off with a record sale the week after. My income has doubled and my clients love, love, love their photo experience. Just this weekend the bride’s mother gave a weeding speech about my discovery call to her and how it helped her see what her daughter means to her. This is the most important workshop in the whole photo industry.”

Mike Allebach,

Allebach Photography

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